Bred for the Hunt: A Guide to Pheasant Hunting with Country Quail Run

Pheasants are beautiful, wild game birds that are popular for hunting. With Country Quail Run, you can experience the thrill of pheasant hunting with a reliable and experienced breeder of pheasant and game birds. For over 30 years, Country Quail Run has been dedicated to raising healthy and strong pheasants for hunters and game ranches all over the Texas.


Introduction To Pheasants

Pheasants are a beautiful and popular game bird, and the target of many a hunter. These birds are native to Asia and Europe, but have since been introduced to North America and Australia. With their distinct coloring and call, pheasants are a known symbol of the great outdoors.

Pheasants come in a variety of colors, from russet red and yellow to blue and green. In some areas, pheasant hunting is only allowed during specific months and seasons due to conservation regulations. To get the most out of their pheasant hunting trips, many hunters turn to specialty pheasant farms for the best quality birds like Country Quail Run. These beautiful birds have adapted to a wide range of habitats, from mountains and fields to grasslands and wetlands. Pheasants typically feed on insects, berries, grains, and nuts, which makes them relatively easy to attract to hunting areas. They are also surprisingly fast and able to fly up to 60 mph! Whether you’re a novice or experienced hunter, pheasants offer an exciting challenge. With some planning and the right equipment, and stocked pheasants from us, you’ll be sure to have a successful hunting season!


Country Quail Run Breeds Top Of The Line Pheasants

At Country Quail Run, we are dedicated to ensuring that pheasants remain an integral part of the hunting experience. To that end, we have worked hard to develop a comprehensive breeding and raising program for these beautiful game birds.

We breed our own stock of pheasants to ensure the highest quality birds possible. Our carefully planned breeding program takes into account bloodlines, color patterns, genetics, health, and more to ensure that each bird is unique and of the highest quality. We take great pride in providing hunters with the best pheasant-hunting experience possible, and it all begins with the birds.

Once our birds have hatched and grown large enough to be released into the wild, we work diligently to ensure that they remain healthy and well cared for. We use special feed formulas designed specifically for pheasants, allowing them to reach their full potential in terms of size, coloration, and overall health.

Finally, before releasing any of our birds, we conduct a series of tests to ensure that each pheasant is healthy and free of any diseases or parasites. This helps us to ensure that our birds are the best available for hunters, as well as helping to maintain healthy ecosystems in the areas where they will be released. At Country Quail Run, we are proud of the work we do to ensure the highest quality birds for pheasant hunters. Our breeding and raising program is second to none, providing hunters with some of the best pheasants available in the world today.

A close-up shot of a ring-necked pheasant in the grass

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Look no further than Country Quail Run in Texas. This hidden gem is home to a wide selection of quail, pheasants, and other game birds that can be shipped (or picked up at our facility) across Texas. With our commitment to providing the highest quality birds, Country Quail Run has become the go-to source for game birds in the area and throughout the south.


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